Oct 2010 09

Hiya Buddies! your favorite robot here! 🙂 Sooo Im going to see the Social network again for the 3rd time tonight. If you havent seen it dont read this post haha!! But one thing i noticed in this movie is that he didn’t shed one tear not complain about anything. When erica broke up with him he got pissed drunk a beer and create FACESMASH! and wrote a blog about how he was feeling at the time… Then he came up with the idea for FACEBOOK! Sooo then he sees his girl who obviously is pissed at him cause of the blog post and he wanted to talk to her but she wasn’t having it she just caught an attitude then he asked have u heard of facebook she said “NO” then one of my fav parts of the movie happened “Edwardo asked is he ok..Mark didnt Cry he didnt complain all he did was say “WE NEED TO EXPAND!!!”

This is so amazing to me because i realize alot of people when they’re hurting or sad they act out lol. wear their emotions on their sleeve. But this guy here did NONE of that! he transferred his negative energy into whats now a billion dollar company. Of course they heightened his relationship issues for movie purposes but i just learned so much. Instead of getting pissed or acting out channel that energy to make something AMAZING!! for me it would be music!! and business. when ur sad channel those emotions into melodies that touch the world. that can touch the millions of others that feel the same way you do. This is what the ARTIST is about! this is why we go thru the hurt the pain the sadness the happy times the super low times the super high times because we have the GIFT to write about it. the Gift of melodies! the Gift to make a million people feel our pain like we are connected to them! which we are!

So no longer when im upset will i act out or show emotion ill live by my new quote “When you’re upset CREATE A FACEBOOK” (c) Mr.Robotic

Love you all! Got some huge news coming soon!! 🙂 Mr.Robotic and im out!!

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