Feb 2012 16

MR.ROBOTIC LAUNCHES HIS PRODUCTION COMPANY MUSIC AND ROBOTS Corp, That takes care of Performing, Publishing, Music Licensing, Production and more. The first artist signed to Music and Robots is of course MR.ROBOTIC himself, who has over 36 tv/film/video game placements, #1 record “Watch the Club go” produced by Dj Bam Bam and acclaimed performances such as MGM Grand, B96 summerbash w/ the likes of Pitbull, Chris brown and more… Look out for his single “Dont wanna Leave” feat Melody Cross and Dj Bam Bam which has been heard on the MTV show “Good Vibes” and the video games Audition PC and Dance Battle VS for PS3. Stay tuned to www.MrRobotic.com for more info.

Designed by: Arsonhouse